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“When I started my toy brand, The Crafted Zoo, I knew what my strengths were--and where I needed help. That’s where Verunka came in! With her breadth of knowledge in social media, storytelling, and retail psychology, Verunka has been my personal compass, keeping my priorities organized and focused. She recognizes opportunities with excitement and offers observations with the shared goal of making our work together a success. Her insight has not only helped me grow creatively, it’s also made me a more efficient business owner.”

Denise Martin, Founder of The Crafted Zoo

“Verunka advised me on my sustainable fashion brand, EP: A Friend You Can Have. Through her advisement I gained partnerships that allowed me to have pop-up events throughout NYC.  With her help and counsel, I have honed my brand and continue to see the changes pay off through more and more sales and opportunities.”

Emily Poulis, Founder of EP: A Friend You Can Have

“First as a volunteer and more recently as a member of the Committee serving the NYC chapter of The Shoebox Project for Shelters, I have worked closely with Verunka for over a year and a half. As a Co-Chair of the NYC chapter, Verunka has: (i) significantly grown the organization's visibility via social media; (ii) attracted, retained and managed a phenomenal group of volunteers; (iii) created and expanded shelter outreach events and (iv) used/leveraged social media and her excellent interpersonal skills to exceed fundraising (in-kind and monetary) goals for the Chapter. Verunka is always professional and driven, while warm and genuine - qualities not often found together. I endorse/recommend Verunka wholeheartedly.”

Rachel (Cutri) Lanava, Director at RBC Capital Market

“I worked with Verunka at Pimmento, a startup she co-founded. Bootstrapped startups can be quite grueling, but Verunka was always positive, upbeat, and full of energy. She always got things done, whether the tasks she was working on was a creative fun thing or a slog or chore didn't matter - she did what needed to be done and executed well. For example, for part of the development we needed data on diet/medicine and exercise for a person for days. This was a lot of manual, not-glamourous data entry, but she took it on with the same gusto as any other task.
Another example, she developed a walkthrough of the company -- a ton of work, to distill potential ideas and business models into a digestible format. She dove right in, spending lots of time at the library and talking to others to develop these plans, sketching them out, and then reducing all of that data into something that was easy to convey and consume. It was fantastic work, all more impressive considering she hadn't done it before and so was being creative and thoughtful while learning a new space.
 Verunka is reliable, creative, and an asset to any organization.”

Vijay at Senior Software Developer at Rival IQ